Thalassiosira pseudonana (ASM14940v2)

About the Thalassiosira pseudonana genome

Thalassiosira pseudonanais a centric diatom that belongs to the diverse algal group, likely arose from a common secondary endosymbiotic event, involving at least five different genomes. Diatoms are involved in various biogeochemical cycles most notably involving carbon, nitrogen and silicon, and contribute 30% to 40% of marine primary productivity. Consequently, they are responsible for approximately one fifth of the oxygen that is generated each year through global photosynthesis.

Taxonomy ID 296543

Data source JGI

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Genome assembly: ASM14940v2

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This species currently has no variation database. However you can process your own variants using the Variant Effect Predictor:

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T. pseudonana ESTs were sequenced from 7 different cDNA libraries. These ESTs were aligned to the genome using exonerate.