Pythium vexans (pve_scaffolds_v1)

About the Pythium vexans Genome

Pythium vexans is a plant pathogen and it causes canker, damping-off and rot disease in many economically important crops including rubber trees, potato and sugar cane. It belongs to the group oomycetes which was originally classified among the fungi, due to its morphological and functional similarities. They are now classifed as protists based on modern insights on phylogentic relationship with photosynthetic organisms such as brown algae and diatoms.

Taxonomy ID 1223560

Data source Pythium Genome Database

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Pythium vexans : Albugo laibachiiTRANSLATED_BLAT_NET | stats
Pythium vexans : Bigelowiella natansTRANSLATED_BLAT_NET | stats
Pythium vexans : Emiliania huxleyiTRANSLATED_BLAT_NET | stats
Pythium vexans : Entamoeba histolyticaTRANSLATED_BLAT_NET | stats
Pythium vexans : Giardia lambliaTRANSLATED_BLAT_NET | stats
Pythium vexans : Guillardia theta CCMP2712TRANSLATED_BLAT_NET | stats
Pythium vexans : Hyaloperonospora arabidopsidisTRANSLATED_BLAT_NET | stats
Pythium vexans : Leishmania majorTRANSLATED_BLAT_NET | stats
Pythium vexans : Paramecium tetraureliaTRANSLATED_BLAT_NET | stats
Pythium vexans : Phaeodactylum tricornutumTRANSLATED_BLAT_NET | stats
Pythium vexans : Phytophthora infestansTRANSLATED_BLAT_NET | stats
Pythium vexans : Phytophthora kernoviaeTRANSLATED_BLAT_NET | stats
Pythium vexans : Phytophthora lateralisTRANSLATED_BLAT_NET | stats
Pythium vexans : Phytophthora parasiticaTRANSLATED_BLAT_NET | stats
Pythium vexans : Phytophthora ramorumTRANSLATED_BLAT_NET | stats
Pythium vexans : Pythium aphanidermatumTRANSLATED_BLAT_NET | stats
Pythium vexans : Pythium arrhenomanesTRANSLATED_BLAT_NET | stats
Pythium vexans : Pythium irregulareTRANSLATED_BLAT_NET | stats
Pythium vexans : Pythium iwayamaiTRANSLATED_BLAT_NET | stats
Pythium vexans : Pythium ultimumTRANSLATED_BLAT_NET | stats
Pythium vexans : Tetrahymena thermophilaTRANSLATED_BLAT_NET | stats
Pythium vexans : Toxoplasma gondiiTRANSLATED_BLAT_NET | stats
Pythium vexans : Trypanosoma bruceiTRANSLATED_BLAT_NET | stats


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