Salpingoeca rosetta str. ATCC 50818 (GCA_000188695.1) (Proterospongia_sp_ATCC50818)

About Salpingoeca rosetta str. ATCC 50818

Salpingoeca rosetta is a species of Similar low level Unlike S. rosetta, sponges also have other cell-types that can perform different functions. Also, the collar cells of sponges beat within canals in the sponge body, whereas Salpingoeca rosetta's collar cells reside on the inside and it lacks internal canals. Despite these minor differences, there is strong evidence that Proterospongia and Metazoa are highly related.

Its genome has been studied as a model for Premetazoan evolution. The genome is 55 megabases in size. Homologs of cell adhesion, neuropeptide and glycosphingolipid metabolism genes are present in the genome.

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Taxonomy ID 946362

Data source Broad Institute

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Genome assembly: Proterospongia_sp_ATCC50818

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