Stentor coeruleus (GCA_001970955.1) (ASM197095v1)

About Stentor coeruleus

Stentor coeruleus is a protist in the family Stentoridae which is characterized by being a very large ciliate that measures 0.5 to 2 millimetres when fully extended.

Stentor coeruleus specifically appears as a very large trumpet. It contains a macronucleus that looks like a string of beads that are contained within a ciliate that is blue to blue-green in color. Being that it has many myonemes, it has the ability to contract into a ball. It has the ability to swim while both fully extended or contracted.

Eating is accomplished using cilia that carry food into the ciliate's gullet.

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Taxonomy ID 5963

Data source University of California, San Francisco

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Genome assembly: ASM197095v1

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