Cyclospora cayetanensis str. CHN_HEN01 (GCA_000769155.2) (ASM76915v2)

About Cyclospora cayetanensis str. CHN_HEN01

Cyclospora cayetanensis is a parasite that causes disease in humans, and, perhaps, in other primates. It has been linked in the United States to fecally contaminated imported produce, and was virtually unknown before about 1990, but has been on the rise since. The health risk associated with the disease is usually confined to adult foreigners visiting regions where the species is endemic and acquiring the infection; consequently, C. cayetanensis is a cause of
"traveler's diarrhea

This species was placed in the genus Cyclospora because of the spherical shape of its sporocysts. The species name refers to the Cayetano Heredia University in Lima, Peru, where early epidemiological and taxonomic work was done.

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Taxonomy ID 88456

Data source CDC

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Genome assembly: ASM76915v2

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