Albugo laibachii (ENA1)

About the Albugo laibachii genome

Albugo laibachii is a pathogen of the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana. This pathogen and Hyaloperonospora arabidopsidis are regularly found to co-infect plants and sporulate on the same leaf. A remarkable consequence of infection by Albugo sp. is enhanced host plant susceptibility to other parasites to which the host is resistant in the absence of Albugo infection, and also impairment of cell death mechanisms.

Taxonomy ID 890382

Data source The Sainsbury Laboratory

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Albugo laibachii : Bigelowiella natansTRANSLATED_BLAT_NET | stats
Albugo laibachii : Emiliania huxleyiTRANSLATED_BLAT_NET | stats
Albugo laibachii : Entamoeba histolyticaTRANSLATED_BLAT_NET | stats
Albugo laibachii : Giardia lambliaTRANSLATED_BLAT_NET | stats
Albugo laibachii : Guillardia theta CCMP2712TRANSLATED_BLAT_NET | stats
Albugo laibachii : Hyaloperonospora arabidopsidisTRANSLATED_BLAT_NET | stats
Albugo laibachii : Leishmania majorTRANSLATED_BLAT_NET | stats
Albugo laibachii : Paramecium tetraureliaTRANSLATED_BLAT_NET | stats
Albugo laibachii : Phaeodactylum tricornutumTRANSLATED_BLAT_NET | stats
Albugo laibachii : Phytophthora infestansTRANSLATED_BLAT_NET | stats
Albugo laibachii : Phytophthora kernoviaeTRANSLATED_BLAT_NET | stats
Albugo laibachii : Phytophthora lateralisTRANSLATED_BLAT_NET | stats
Albugo laibachii : Phytophthora parasiticaTRANSLATED_BLAT_NET | stats
Albugo laibachii : Phytophthora ramorumTRANSLATED_BLAT_NET | stats
Albugo laibachii : Pythium aphanidermatumTRANSLATED_BLAT_NET | stats
Albugo laibachii : Pythium arrhenomanesTRANSLATED_BLAT_NET | stats
Albugo laibachii : Pythium irregulareTRANSLATED_BLAT_NET | stats
Albugo laibachii : Pythium iwayamaiTRANSLATED_BLAT_NET | stats
Albugo laibachii : Pythium ultimumTRANSLATED_BLAT_NET | stats
Albugo laibachii : Pythium vexansTRANSLATED_BLAT_NET | stats
Albugo laibachii : Tetrahymena thermophilaTRANSLATED_BLAT_NET | stats
Albugo laibachii : Toxoplasma gondiiTRANSLATED_BLAT_NET | stats
Albugo laibachii : Trypanosoma bruceiTRANSLATED_BLAT_NET | stats


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Other data

Transcriptomics data used to investigate virulence mechanism, biotrophy and expressed effector proteins were added as BAM tracks.

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