Trypanosoma rangeli SC58 (GCA_000492115.1) (T_rangeli_SC58v1)

About Trypanosoma rangeli SC58

Trypanosoma rangeli is a species of hemoflagellate excavate parasites of the genus Trypanosoma. Although infecting a variety of mammalian species in a wide geographical area in Central and South America, this parasite is considered as non-pathogenic to these hosts. T. rangeli is transmitted by bite of infected triatomine bugs of the Reduviidae family, commonly known as barbeiro, winchuka (vinchuca), chinche, pito ou chupĆ£o.

The genome was published in September 2014.

Occurring in sympatry with Trypanosoma cruzi , the etiological agent of Chagas disease, in wide geographical areas in the Americas, T. rangeli shares hosts, vectors and a large amount of its antigenic coat T. cruzi leading to misdiagnosis of Chagas disease.

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Taxonomy ID 429131

Data source BiowebDB

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Genome assembly: T_rangeli_SC58v1

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