Albugo laibachii (ENA1)

Albugo laibachii Assembly and Gene Annotation

About the Albugo laibachii genome

Albugo laibachii is a pathogen of the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana. This pathogen and Hyaloperonospora arabidopsidis are regularly found to co-infect plants and sporulate on the same leaf. A remarkable consequence of infection by Albugo sp. is enhanced host plant susceptibility to other parasites to which the host is resistant in the absence of Albugo infection, and also impairment of cell death mechanisms.


The A. laibachii Nc14 genome was sequenced using Illumina 76-bp paired reads with ~240-fold coverage and assembled via an assembly pipeline, which used Velvet as primary assembler and Minimus as meta-assembler.


Annotation for Albugo laibachii genomes has been derived from annotation submitted to the EMBL/Genbank/DDBJ databases; and enhanced by importing data from additional sources, principally UniProtKB and GOA. Non coding RNA genes have been annotated using tRNAScan-SE (Lowe, T.M. and Eddy, S.R. 1997) , RFAM (Griffiths-Jones et al 2005), and RNAmmer (Lagesen K.,et al 2007); additional analysis tools have also been applied.


  1. Gene gain and loss during evolution of obligate parasitism in the white rust pathogen of Arabidopsis thaliana.
    Kemen E, Gardiner A, Schultz-Larsen T, Kemen AC, Balmuth AL, Robert-Seilaniantz A, Bailey K, Holub E, Studholme DJ, Maclean D et al. 2011. PLoS Biol.. 9:e1001094.

Picture credit: Michal Manas

Other data

Transcriptomics data used to investigate virulence mechanism, biotrophy and expressed effector proteins were added as BAM tracks.

More information

General information about this species can be found in Wikipedia.



AssemblyENA 1, Aug 2011
Database version107.1
Golden Path Length32,766,811
Genebuild by
Genebuild methodImport
Data sourceThe Sainsbury Laboratory

Gene counts

Coding genes13,804
Non coding genes171
Small non coding genes171
Gene transcripts14,629