Plasmodium berghei (GCA_900095585.1) (PbSP11RLL)

Plasmodium berghei (GCA_900095585.1) Assembly and Gene Annotation

About Plasmodium berghei


Plasmodium berghei is a species in the genus Plasmodium subgenus Vinckeia.

It is a protozoan parasite that causes malaria in certain rodents. Originally, isolated from thicket rats in Central Africa, P. berghei is one of four Plasmodium species that have been described in African murine rodents, the others being Plasmodium chabaudi, Plasmodium vinckei, and Plasmodium yoelii. Due to its ability to infect rodents and relative ease of genetic engineering, P. berghei is a popular model organism for the study of human malaria.

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AssemblyPbSP11RLL, INSDC Assembly GCA_900095585.1,
Database version99.1
Base Pairs936,662
Golden Path Length936,662
Genebuild byENA
Genebuild methodImport
Data sourceWTSI

Gene counts

Coding genes270
Non coding genes10
Small non coding genes10
Gene transcripts294

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