Phytophthora ramorum (ASM14973v1)

Phytophthora ramorum Assembly and Gene Annotation

About the Phytophtora ramorum genome

Phytophthora ramorum is an oomycete plant pathogen classified in the kingdom Stramenopila. P. ramorum is the causal agent of sudden oak death on oak and over 40 plant genera. It causes stem cankers on trees, and leaf blight on ornamentals and forest shrubs species. It is an emerging plant pathogen first observed in North America but also widespread in Europe.


The genome was assembled by JGI and is available from the EMBL/Genbank/DDBJ databases under the accession GCA_000149735.1


The protein coding genes in this site were imported from JGI. The data was imported in December 2010. The ncRNAs were predicted using the Ensembl pipeline.


  1. Phytophthora genome sequences uncover evolutionary origins and mechanisms of pathogenesis.
    Tyler BM, Tripathy S, Zhang X, Dehal P, Jiang RH, Aerts A, Arredondo FD, Baxter L, Bensasson D, Beynon JL et al. 2006. Science. 313:1261-1266.

Picture credit: Nicholls H: Stopping the Rot. PLoS Biol 2/7/2004: e213. Reproduced courtesy of Matteo Garbelotto, UC Berkeley.

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AssemblyASM14973v1, INSDC Assembly GCA_000149735.1, Apr 2004
Database version104.1
Golden Path Length66,652,401
Genebuild byJGI
Genebuild methodImport
Data sourceJoint Genome Institute

Gene counts

Coding genes15,605
Non coding genes198
Small non coding genes198
Gene transcripts15,955

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