Phytophthora parasitica str. CJ05E6 (GCA_000509485.1) (Phyt_para_CJ05E6_V1)

Phytophthora parasitica str. CJ05E6 (GCA_000509485.1) Assembly and Gene Annotation

About Phytophthora parasitica (GCA_000509485)

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The assembly presented is the Phyt_para_CJ05E6_V1 assembly submitted to INSDC with the assembly accession GCA_000509485.1.


The annotation presented is derived from annotation submitted to INSDC with the assembly accession GCA_000509485.1, with additional non-coding genes derived from Rfam. For more details, please visit INSDC annotation import.

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AssemblyPhyt_para_CJ05E6_V1, INSDC Assembly GCA_000509485.1,
Database version108.1
Golden Path Length47,449,104
Genebuild by
Genebuild methodImport
Data sourceBroad Institute

Gene counts

Coding genes21,812
Non coding genes41
Small non coding genes41
Gene transcripts26,729