Fragilariopsis cylindrus CCMP1102 (GCA_001750085.1) (Fracy1)

Fragilariopsis cylindrus CCMP1102 (GCA_001750085.1) Assembly and Gene Annotation

Fragilariopsis cylindrus is a cold-water diatom found in Arctic and Antarctic sea water and sea ice. It can form large ice-edge blooms and is regularly detected in sea ice investigations. To date, prokaryotes are the only psychrophilic (cold-loving) organisms for which whole genome sequences exist. The whole genome sequencing of F. cylindrus will provide the first insights into a psychrophilic eukaryotic organism with compelling ecological and biotechnological applications.

The gene annotaton was done at the Joint Genome Institute (JGI).



AssemblyFracy1, INSDC Assembly GCA_001750085.1,
Database version104.1
Golden Path Length80,540,407
Genebuild by
Genebuild methodImport
Data sourceJGI-PGF

Gene counts

Coding genes18,082
Non coding genes448
Small non coding genes447
Long non coding genes1
Gene transcripts18,564

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