Capsaspora owczarzaki ATCC 30864 (GCA_000151315.2) (C_owczarzaki_V2)

About Capsaspora owczarzaki ATCC 30864

Capsaspora is a monotypic genus containing the single species Capsaspora owczarzaki. C. owczarzaki is a single-celled eukaryote that occupies a key phylogenetic position in our understanding of the origin of animal multicellularity, as one of the closest unicellular relatives to animals. It is, together with Ministeria vibrans, a member of the Filasterea clade (see "Taxonomy" below). This amoeboid protist has been pivotal to unravel the nature of the unicellular ancestor of animals, which has been proved to be much more complex than previously thought.

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Taxonomy ID 595528

Data source Broad Institute

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Genome assembly: C_owczarzaki_V2

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