Phytophthora palmivora var. palmivora str. sbr112.9 (GCA_002911725.1) (ASM291172v1)

About Phytophthora palmivora var. palmivora str. sbr112.9

Phytophthora palmivora is an oomycete that causes bud-rot of palms, fruit-rot or kole-roga of coconut and areca nut. These are among the most serious diseases caused by fungi and moulds in South India. It occurs almost every year in Malnad, Mysore, North & South Kanara, Malabar and other areas. Similar diseases of palms are also known to occur in Sri Lanka, Mauritius, and Sumatra. The causative organism was first identified as Phytophthora palmivora by Edwin John Butler in 1917.

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Taxonomy ID 611791

Data source Beltsville Agricultural Research Center

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Genome assembly: ASM291172v1

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