Babesia bigemina str. Bond (GCA_000981445.1) (Bbig001)

About Babesia bigemina str. Bond

Babesia bigemina is a species of alveolates belonging to the phylum Apicomplexa and the family Babesiidae. In cattle, it causes babesiosis, also called
"Texas fever
". Its length is 4-5 µm and width is 2-3 µm. Usually, it has an oval shape. In blood cells, it is located midsagittally and its size gets up to two-thirds of blood cell size. Babesia bigemina is a type of protozoan parasites and they are transmitted by Boophilus ticks which are prevalent in tropics. The genome for B. bigemina is incomplete and unassembled, thus needing further research.

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Taxonomy ID 5866

Data source SC

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Genome assembly: Bbig001

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