Reticulomyxa filosa (GCA_000512085.1) (Reti_assembly1.0)

About Reticulomyxa filosa

Reticulomyxa is a monospecific genus of freshwater foraminiferans. The organism has unique bidirectional cytoplasmic streaming throughout the anastomosing pseudopodia that is some of the fastest reported organelle transport observed. Reticulomyxa was first described in 1949 and is commonly used as a model organism for the unique transport of organelles throughout the cytoplasm of pseudopodia by cytoskeletal mechanisms. Only asexual reproduction of this genus has been observed in culture, but the genome possesses genes related to meiosis suggesting it is capable of sexually reproductive life stages.

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Taxonomy ID 46433

Data source Leibniz Institute for Age Reseaerch Fritz Lipmann Institute

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Genome assembly: Reti_assembly1.0

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