Tetrahymena thermophila (JCVI-TTA1-2.2)

Tetrahymena thermophila Assembly and Gene Annotation

About the Tetrahymena thermophila genome

The ciliate Tetrahymena thermophila is a model organism for molecular and cellular biology. Like other ciliates, this species has separate germline and soma functions that are embodied by distinct nuclei within a single cell. The germline-like micronucleus (MIC) has its genome held in reserve for sexual reproduction. The soma-like macronucleus (MAC), which possesses a genome processed from that of the MIC, is the center of gene expression and does not directly contribute DNA to sexual progeny.


The shotgun sequencing, assembly and analysis of the MAC genome of T. thermophila, results in approximately 104 Mb in length and composed of approximately 225 chromosomes and is available from the EMBL/Genbank/DDBJ databases under the accession GCA_000372725.1.


Annotation for the Tetrahymena thermophila genome has been derived from annotation submitted to the EMBL/Genbank/DDBJ databases; and enhanced by importing data from additional sources, principally UniProtKB and GOA. Non coding RNA genes have been annotated using tRNAScan-SE (Lowe, T.M. and Eddy, S.R. 1997) , RFAM (Griffiths-Jones et al 2005), and RNAmmer (Lagesen K.,et al 2007); additional analysis tools have also been applied.


  1. Macronuclear genome sequence of the ciliate Tetrahymena thermophila, a model eukaryote.
    Eisen JA, Coyne RS, Wu M, Wu D, Thiagarajan M, Wortman JR, Badger JH, Ren Q, Amedeo P, Jones KM et al. 2006. PLoS Biol.. 4:e286.

Picture credit: Robinson R

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AssemblyJCVI-TTA1-2.2, INSDC Assembly GCA_000189635.1, Mar 2009
Database version108.1
Golden Path Length103,014,375
Genebuild by
Genebuild methodImport
Data sourceThe Institute for Genomic Research

Gene counts

Coding genes24,725
Non coding genes927
Small non coding genes927
Gene transcripts25,655