Pythium iwayamai (piw_scaffolds_v1)

Pythium iwayamai Assembly and Gene Annotation

Pythium iwayamai have been isolated mainly from monocotyledon plants. It grows well at lower temperatures and is pathogenic on monocot grasses under snow cover. Pythium iwayamai causes snow-rot disease of cereal plants, including wheat and barley.


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Picture credit: Creeping bent grass infected with Pythium iwayamai - Photo taken by Dr. Marcelo Zerillo in the laboratory of Ned Tisserat



Assemblypiw_scaffolds_v1, INSDC Assembly GCA_000387465.2, Aug 2013
Database version111.2
Golden Path Length43,199,174
Genebuild byPGD
Genebuild methodImport
Data sourcePythium Genome Database

Gene counts

Coding genes15,254
Non coding genes87
Small non coding genes86
Misc non coding genes1
Gene transcripts15,351