Hammondia hammondi str. H.H.34 (GCA_000258005.2) (HHA1_v02)

Hammondia hammondi str. H.H.34 (GCA_000258005.2) Assembly and Gene Annotation

About Hammondia hammondi str. H.H.34

Hammondia hammondi is a species of obligate heteroxenous parasitic alveolates of domestic cats (final host). Intracellular cysts develop mainly in striated muscle. After the ingestion of cysts by cats, a multiplicative cycle precedes the development of gametocytes in the epithelium of the small intestine (each oocyst of the species averaging 11×13 μm). Oocyst shedding persists for 10 to 28 days followed by immunity. Cysts in skeletal muscle measure between 100 and 340 μm in length and 40 and 95 μm in width. Some of the intermediate hosts (e.g. guinea pigs, hamsters) develop low levels of antibody and some cross-immunity against Toxoplasma.

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AssemblyHHA1 v02, INSDC Assembly GCA_000258005.2,
Database version104.1
Golden Path Length67,701,403
Genebuild by
Genebuild methodImport
Data sourceJ. Craig Venter Institute

Gene counts

Coding genes8,003
Non coding genes474
Small non coding genes468
Long non coding genes6
Gene transcripts8,478

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