Entamoeba invadens IP1 (GCA_000330505.1) (EIA2_v2)

Entamoeba invadens IP1 (GCA_000330505.1) Assembly and Gene Annotation

About Entamoeba invadens IP1

Entamoeba invadens is an amoebozoa parasite of reptiles, within the genus Entamoeba. It is closely related to the human parasite Entamoeba histolytica, causing similar invasive disease in reptiles, in addition to a similar morphology and lifecycle.

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AssemblyEIA2 v2, INSDC Assembly GCA_000330505.1,
Database version104.1
Golden Path Length40,878,307
Genebuild by
Genebuild methodImport
Data sourceTIGR

Gene counts

Coding genes9,925
Non coding genes540
Small non coding genes536
Long non coding genes4
Gene transcripts10,465

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