Site structure

The site structure that we are going to build is self-contained within a server-root directory. It doesn't matter where this server-root directory is situated on your system; as long as the files within it are located as described here then everything should work OK.

The site structure is as follows (using "/usr/local/ensembl" as an example server-root):

`-- /usr/local/ensembl
    |-- apache2 Apache web server (default installation location)
|-- bioperl-live bio-modelling tools that Ensembl is based upon
|-- ensembl Ensembl core module
|-- ensembl-compara Code for handling cross-species comparisons
|-- ensembl-funcgen Code to access the functional genomics data
|-- ensembl-io File parsing and writing utilities
|-- ensembl-orm Interface to non-genomic databases
|-- ensembl-tools API scripts used by online tools such as the VEP
|-- ensembl-variation Code to access the variation (SNP) data
|-- ensembl-webcode Code to create an Ensembl website
\-- public-plugins Public plugin modules

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