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Phytophthora Comparative Genomics

Release 23 of Ensembl Protists sees the inclusion of four new Phytophthora genomes, bringing the total to seven plant pathogens from this important genus which infect a wide variety of different plant hosts. As well as providing access to genome sequences and gene annotation, Ensembl Protists provides whole genome alignments between each of these genomes allowing comparisons to be made between different genomic regions.


EMBL-EBI and Rothamsted Research have jointly released the PhytoPath portal, a joint project bringing together Ensembl Genomes with PHI-base, a community-curated resource describing the role of genes in pathogenic infection. PhytoPath provides access to genomic and phentoypic data from fungal and oomycete plant pathogens, and has enabled a considerable increase in the coverage of phytopathogen genomes in Ensembl Fungi and Ensembl Protists.

PhytoPath also provides enhanced searching of the PHI-base resource as well as the fungi and protists in Ensembl Genomes.


PhytoPath is funded by the BBSRC.

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