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I would like to export an image of a particular view in Ensembl. Which image export option should I use?

Our image export menu provides several preset options, which are designed for different image use-cases.

The Journal image option exports a PNG file with the following preset parameters:

  • Image width 2000px - this will ensure that it spans a typical journal page at a print resolution of 300 dpi.
  • High resolution - fonts and image details will be rendered more crisply
  • High contrast - printer ink does not show pale colours as clearly as a computer screen, so we enhance the contrast to improve the appearance of the image.

For larger formats we also offer a Poster option, which is larger (5000px) than the Journal option with a greater resolution. Note that this size should not be needed for normal print purposes, as some of the lines may come out very fine.

The Presentation image option exports a PDF file preset with the following options:

  • Image width 2000px
  • Darkened colours - for visualisation from distance in direct sunlight.

Web is a standard image export in the PNG file format. PDF is a standard image export in the PDF file format.

Alternatively you can select a range of image sizes and resolutions in the Custom Image menu. Note that we recommend PNG as an export option in most cases, as it is better supported and will more accurately reflect the image on-screen.

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