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I've identified some new genes/transripts/RNASeq reads and would like them to be added to the Ensembl gene set. How do I submit them?

Ensembl genes are annotated from sequences found in various public databases. These are manually curated databases, such as UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot or RefSeq, and other public sequence repositories, such as ENA, GenBank or DDBJ. We do not accept direct submissions of gene models.

If you have new sequences of genes or transcripts, you can submit them to either ENA, GenBank or DDBJ (data is synchronised between these databases, therefore a sequence submitted to one should appear in the others). Once your data has been accepted into one of these databases it will be included in the sequences aligned to the genome in the Ensembl genebuild.

Note that there may be a time delay between submitting your sequences and them appearing in Ensembl. Furthermore, a sequence that does not align to the genome will not appear in the Ensembl gene set. Note the time it takes to do an Ensembl genebuild and the Ensembl release cycle.

RNASeq (RNA-seq) data can be submitted to EBI's ArrayExpress.

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