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Where can I find DNA Methylation data?

Ensembl hosts various DNA methylation data sets generated by different techniques, including reduced representation bisulphite sequencing (RRBS) profiles from the ENCODE project along side whole genome data sets (WGBS).

Using the browser

The methylation profiles can be viewed as tracks in the 'Region in detail' view of the Location tab as well as other views such as ‘Gene Summary’. To configure these tracks, click 'Configure this page' to open the configuration panel and scroll down to the 'Regulation' section which contains 'DNA Methylation'. The methylation profile tracks use a colour gradient (or heat bar) display style, with dark blue indicating highly methylated areas, through green to yellow, which denotes low methylation. Clicking on the track will show a pop-up window with detailed information about that position e.g. read coverage, sequence context etc. For more information about individual tracks and their analyses, click the 'info' icon in the configuration panel or hover your mouse over the track name in the Location view.

Other access

Data can be accessed using the Perl API and is available for download from the Ensembl ftp site.

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