Naegleria gruberi str. NEG-M (GCA_000004985.1) (V1.0)

Naegleria gruberi str. NEG-M (GCA_000004985.1) Assembly and Gene Annotation

About Naegleria gruberi str. NEG-M

Naegleria gruberi is a species of Naegleria. It is famous for its ability to change from an amoeba, which lacks a cytoplasmic microtubule cytoskeleton, to a flagellate, which has an elaborate microtubule cytoskeleton, including flagella. This
" includes de novo synthesis of basal bodies (or centrioles).

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AssemblyV1.0, INSDC Assembly GCA_000004985.1,
Database version108.1
Golden Path Length40,964,085
Genebuild by
Genebuild methodImport
Data sourceUS DOE Joint Genome Institute (JGI-PGF)

Gene counts

Coding genes15,709
Non coding genes2,132
Small non coding genes2,130
Long non coding genes2
Gene transcripts17,879