Eimeria tenella (ASM283v1)

Eimeria tenella Assembly and Gene Annotation

About Eimeria tenella


Eimeria tenella is a species of Eimeria that causes hemorrhagic cecal coccidiosis in young poultry.

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The assembly presented is the ASM283v1 assembly submitted to INSDC with the assembly accession GCA_000002835.1.


The annotation presented is derived from annotation submitted to INSDC with the assembly accession GCA_000002835.1, with additional non-coding genes derived from Rfam. For more details, please visit INSDC annotation import.


  1. Sequencing and analysis of chromosome 1 of Eimeria tenella reveals a unique segmental organization.
    Ling KH, Rajandream MA, Rivailler P, Ivens A, Yap SJ, Madeira AM, Mungall K, Billington K, Yee WY, Bankier AT et al. 2007. Genome Res.. 17:311-319.

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AssemblyASM283v1, INSDC Assembly GCA_000002835.1, Feb 2015
Database version95.1
Base Pairs1,347,714
Golden Path Length1,347,714
Genebuild byENA
Genebuild methodGenerated from ENA annotation
Data sourceEuropean Nucleotide Archive

Gene counts

Coding genes216
Non coding genes6
Small non coding genes6
Gene transcripts222

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