Albugo candida (ASM107853v1)

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White rust, Albugo candida is a species from family Albuginaceae; however, all the other species in this family are called "white rust." Like other water moulds which are plant pathogens, it is sometimes called a fungus, but is in fact an Oomycete.

Synonyms:Species Fungorum accessed March 17, 2007

  • Albugo candidans
  • Aecidium candidum Pers., (1797)
  • Albugo cruciferarum (DC.) Gray, (1821)
  • Cystopus candidans
  • Cystopus candidus (Pers.) Lév., (1847)
  • Uredo candida (Pers.) Fr., (1832)
  • Uredo candida Rabenh.
  • Uredo cruciferarum DC.


  • Brassicaceae species.

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Taxonomy ID 65357

Data source European Nucleotide Archive

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